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Hi! I'm Abiram.
// i study computer science.
// i write ctfs with the unsw security society for fun :)

Recent posts and scribblings.

CSE and VS Code, take ii.
30 August 2021
Use VS Code without killing CSE servers with this one simple extension!
12 August 2021
Stop killing CSE servers with this one simple trick!

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FAQs, but the F stands for Foreseeably.

Q: What's with you and ramen?
Ramen (whether it be real or instant) is an amazing food and abiramen just stuck as a username which I use in a lot of places. At that point, I decided that basing my entire personality on a bowl of food was a good idea. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Q: Are you aware that your ramen bowl looks a bit like a face?
Uhhh... It's a feature, not a bug. :)

Q: Where's the top-secret CTF?
There's a CTF hidden on a page somewhere in the www.abiram.me domain. Yes, the objective of the entire CTF is finding the CTF. Good luck!

Q: Why does this FAQ even exist? I bet no one's asking half of these.
Don't expose my filler content like that. :(