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  • CSE and VS Code. keyboard_arrow_right
    Use VS Code to work on CSE machines from the convenience of your own computer!
    Updated 13 September 2022. First posted 30 August 2021.
  • CSE and SSHFS. keyboard_arrow_right
    Stop killing CSE servers with this one simple trick!
    Updated 5 September 2021. First posted 12 August 2021.
  • Setting up WSL and GitHub (archive). keyboard_arrow_right
    Start coding locally with the Windows Subsystem for Linux, and learn some basic Git to store copies of your work.
    Updated 29 January 2021. First posted 13 April 2020.
  • CSE and VS Code (legacy). keyboard_arrow_right
    This is now what we call a /bad/ idea. Check out the new version of this post instead!
    Updated 2 March 2022. First posted 13 April 2020.
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